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Report: Dodge Hellcats, HEMIs could be axed by 2019


Dodge HEMI V8 likely to be replaced with twin-turbo four & six cylinders

Dodge SRT Hellcats and HEMIs may soon become collectors' items after Motor Authority recently reported that the company plans to discontinue the HEMI models by 2019.

Citing a thread on JeepTrackHawkForums, there is speculation that both the 6.2- and 6.4-liter supercharged HEMI V8s will likely be succeeded by a smaller twin-turbo engine that will come in either four or six cylinders.

While it not has been confirmed yet by Dodge, there is reason to believe that the large V8 will be axed as Motor Authority added that recent requirements set by the US Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) will put the future of the HEMI at risk.


The Hellcat models currently on sale today are the Challenger SRT and the Charger SRT.

Both muscle cars are fitted with a modified supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V8 that doles out 717 PS along with a healthy torque rating of 880 Nm.

Source: Motor Authority

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