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Report: Expect all-new sports coupe from Hyundai's Genesis division


Hyundai sports coupe currently under development, says design chief

When Hyundai axed the Genesis coupe back in 2016, it appeared that the Korean automaker won't be making another high-performance two-door for a long time. Now, Genesis, Hyundai's luxury division, is keen to produce an even more potent, and possibly more luxurious, successor.

During the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, two key Hyundai executives said that not only are they planning to build the said coupe, but went as far as saying that it is already in development. Hyundai design vice-president Luc Donckerwolke and vice-chairman of research and development, Woong-chul Yang told reporters that the car will be a two-seater and will likely be further boosted by a hybrid powertrain.

Donckerwolke added that the car will not come with autonomous driving technology, and that he is currently reviewing the project. Yang on the other said that the coupe will come with some form of electric drive. The engineering of the project will be headed by Hyundai's N Performance division, with former BMW M division president Albert Biermann. The first N-engineered Hyundai made its debut last year with the i30 N Performance.


Yang also said that this sports coupe will be a serious performance car and said it's what the newly-formed Genesis luxury division needs. It is possible that the chassis of the car may be based on an existing model. Last year, Genesis and Kia unveiled two, rear-wheel drive sport sedans which share the same platform. Those cars were the Genesis G70 and Kia Stinger. The platforms of the cars mentioned were also tweaked by Biermann's team.

It is possible that a concept may be shown in the near future. Yang said that the design of the car is currently 'far ahead' of the engineering.

Source: Wheelsmag

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