The German transport ministry has accused Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) of using defeat devices in their products according to Reuters. KBA, the country's transport authority, is said to have found evidence of a defeat device in Fiat cars sold in the country. One of the models in question is the Fiat 500X pictured above.

The said defeat device would switch itself off after the car has been running for 22 minutes. Emission tests normally run for 20 minutes. FCA officials have denied the claims, saying “all its vehicles are compliant with existing emissions rules”. The company declined to comment further regarding the matter. FCA also declined to cooperate with German authorities.

Fiat's alleged defeat device is similar to those found in Volkswagen. Volkswagen's defeat device shuts off after 23 minutes, enough time for US emission tested to gather data after the test. As a result of the discovery, Fiat may be issued a stop sale order from German authorities. Fiat however has noted that Volkswagen vehicles can still be sold in the country despite the “Dieselgate” scandal.

In response to Germany's accusations, the Italian Transport Ministry told the German authorities to address the issue first to Italian regulators. The European Commission has been delegated to do more checks on the erring cars and take appropriate action if needed.