As far as Ferrari is concerned, the future of the supercar will be electrically assisted. During an investor's meeting, Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne said that a hybrid powertrain will not only make their cars more efficient, but more powerful as well.

Before the meeting, Marchionne mentioned that the company will undergo a “fundamental shift” in terms of production, as well as technology. Marchionne adds that they aim to do be able to sell 10,000 cars per year by the end of the decade. At the moment, the manufacturer is close to hitting 8,000 sales in 2016 alone, a record for the brand.

Ferrari currently has two hybrids in the lineup, namely the LaFerrari and open top LaFerrari Aperta. The system used in the flaghip hypercar uses a 6.3 liter V12 engine with 800 PS and 700 Nm of torque while being assisted by a 163 PS KERS unit, giving it a total output of 963 PS. With this KERS setup, kinetic energy under braking is regained to recharge the battery. If Marchionne's plans push through, it is likely that future Ferrari models will adapt a similar system, incorporating an all-electric mode.

The most recent development regarding the electrification of the brand is the recent patent application for a modular hybrid platform. Autocar UK reports that the first “mainstream” Ferrari to gain a hybrid powertrain will be the next-generation F12 Berlinetta.

Source: Autocar