Last month, it was reported that hybrid-powered Ferrari models could be coming as early as 2019. Now, we recently acquired more information regading the brand's upcoming hybrid system from Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne himself.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Marchinonne said that their upcoming hybrid sports cars will be able to run very quietly. That said, a fully electric Ferrari isn't coming anytime soon and is likely still years away. However, it does showcase what the Maranello-based manufacturer could do with hybrid power, and gives a glimpse of what driving an electric Ferrari is like.

The comments from Marchinonne regarding hybrid power comes after a video surfaced showing a Ferrari prototype silently testing at the Ferrari Fioriano test track. While he confirmed that it was indeed a hybrid prototype and not a full-on electric vehicle, he said that it was something that could be driven silently as seen in the video.

Now, this isn't the first time that Ferrari will be using a hybrid system in their vehicles. Back in 2013, the Italian-marque introduced LaFerrari, which also sported a hybrid system. However, it wasn't like a conventional plug-in hybrid, which was used to improve efficiency. Instead, it was more similar to Formula 1's Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) to boost performance. In fact, the the company claims the LaFerrari can't even be run on electric power alone.

With the new hybrid powertrains expected to come out in 2019, expect Ferrari to reveal the first hybrid powered model in the same year. One thing to expect from it is that it could be very quiet, and could be a replacement for the aging 488 GTB. 

As for a fully-electric Ferrari, don't expect it any earlier than 2023.

Source: Road and Track via Bloomberg