Ferrari is currently evaluating whether they should build an entry-level sports car. That said vehicle would be a modern-day interpretation of the Dino 206 and the 246. Rumors of a new Dino has been around for awhile. In fact, one our spies managed to take photos of a supposed Dino test mule some time back.

However, Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne has said that Ferrari executives are still split on whether a Dino should be built. The main concern about selling a modern Dino is that it would dilute the brand's exclusivity. Marchionne adds that he is unsure whether the Italian supercar maker needs a cheaper Ferrari to attract younger buyers. Currently, the brand has a “phenomenally young”customer base in Asia, who can afford Ferrari's current offerings.

"We need to explore ways to attract customers to traditional values of the brand such as style, performance and engine sound before downgrading the entry level price for the brand," said Marchionne.

The statement would likely explain why a 'Ferrari Utility Vehicle' is currently being planned but an entry-level sports car is not. However, none are still certain and Marchionne adds that an official annoucement regarding both vehicles will be made some time next year.

A few years prior, it is said that Marchionne was in favor of building a modern day Dino as the brand's entry level model. However, things have changed and it seems that the Ferrari big boss has decided to move into the SUV market instead.

Marchionne has made it clear that he wants to sell more Ferrari vehicles in the upcoming year, breaking the 10,000 cars per year limit. He does however intend to keep the Ferrari luxury and exclusivity intact. Whatever fate that the modern Dino has, we will have to wait until next year to find out.

Source: Automotive News Europe