A Ferrari classic will soon return to the roads as Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne recently announced that they will be resurrecting the Dino name in a few years’ time.

Speaking with AutoCar UK, Marchionne stated that the return of Dino sub-brand was "not a question of if but when." But instead of sticking to the affordable theme Dino was known for, the recently-minted Ferrari boss assured that it will be the opposite and may be limited to a substantial figure.

"We may produce a 500 horsepower Ferrari but it will not be a cheap Ferrari. The brand is unique and needs to be protected. I would always rather build 500 fewer cars than the market demanded rather than 500 more. We must not mess with customer expectations of Ferrari as an exclusive brand," said Marchionne.

Like the original Dinos that came out, the modern versions will also have a mid-mounted layout as front-engine layouts will not make sense for an automobile known as a mid-engined car that commanded such a road presence.

As for the engine itself, it will reportedly be a 3.9-liter twin-turbo V6 that will have an estimated output of 500 PS. This was made possible as a recent internal investigation and survey proved that a twin-turbo V6 is feasible and was well-received within the company. In addition, Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) already produces twin-turbo V6 engines for sister company Maserati.

The downsize in engine displacement had to be done as stated by Marchionne in order to meet current CO2 emissions, as well as the future spin-off of Ferrari as an independent brand away from FCA. This means that Ferrari won’t be able to rely on FCA in the future.

Price-wise, the automaker may retail the new Dino for GBP 150,000 (about PhP 10.3 million).

Ferrari originally launched the Dino brand back in 1968 as an affordable yet potent alternative automaker alongside the Prancing Horse badge. The name Dino was derived from Enzo Ferrari’s eldest son, Alfredo ‘Dino’. He died in 1932 at the age of 24 due to muscle dystrophy but he has been credited as the inspiration for the series of V6 powerplants that drove Ferrari’s road and racecars.

Famous models that came out of Dino include the 206GT designed by Pinninfarina and the Bertone-styled 308GT4 (pictured above).

Source: AutoCarUK