It may have a Mustang reference but the upcoming Ford Mach 1 will bear no relation to the pony car whatsoever. In fact, it will be an all-electric crossover, which was confirmed by the American automaker. Now, more details have surfaced for the battery-powered crossover, further cementing the fact that it will not be related to the Mustang at all.

Autocar UK reports that the codename for the Mach 1 will be CX430 and further added that it will be based on an existing model. They further mentioned that the Ford Kuga (also known as the Escape) will serve as the platform of the Mach 1. However, the base is expected to come with extensive modifications to accommodate the batteries and drive system for full electric power.

In addition, the all-electric Mach 1 will be front-wheel drive although there is a possibility of it being available in all-wheel drive further down the line. Styling on the other hand is said to draw inspiration from the Mustang. With that in mind, it is likely that the final form of the Mach 1 may come with an aggressive front fascia, and have a raised, hatchback body along with it.

What is confirmed is Ford saying the Mach 1 will be a global model. That means not only will it be sold in the US, but also in parts of Europe as well. Ford added the production model will make its first appearance sometime in 2020. Once the car hits showrooms, it will be Ford's first-ever all-electric vehicle for the mass market. With Ford pulling out sedans and hatchbacks in the US market, the crossover body style of the upcoming Mach 1 is aligned with the current vision of Ford for its home market.

Source: Autocar UK