Chinese automaker Geely is reportedly eyeing to make a break in the US and European market with an upcoming crossover which is underpinned by a new platform that was jointly developed with Volvo.

According to Reuters, sources close to the company stated that the new platform called 'Compact Modular Architecture' (CMA) will be first used by the automaker to make a new crossover which will begin production next year.

The yet-to-be named crossover will only be sold in the local market come 2017 as a gasoline-powered model while Europe and US-bound models of the crossover will be an alternative-fuel version.

“With the CMA car, Li Shufu (Geely Chairman) wants to tell the world we're ready for the big time. We're ready to break into Europe and the U.S.,” one of the sources said.

As to the reason for the planned branching into the European market, another source stated that they want to be seen as a Chinese auto brand that produces affordable yet technologically-advanced cars instead of just another cheap Chinese automaker.

Geely aims to sell the upcoming automobile in Britain, Eastern Europe, Italy, Portugal and Spain, citing that the aforementioned markets are open to foreign brands. Northern Europe, France and Germany however are not key markets added the source.

The CMA-platformed crossover may debut at next year's Geneva or Beijing auto show while Volvo plans to use the new platform architecture to upgrade their current lineup of small vehicles.

Source: Reuters