Grab has been at the center of controversy with issues brought to light like the Php 2.00 per extra minute charge.

Mostly, however, the company came under fire from complaints that Grab drivers were cancelling rides, too. “Contracting” has also become an issue given Grab’s supposed monopoly of TNVS, but the alleged cancellations earned the ire of the riding public even more. 

According to various reports, and to address the commuting public’s complaints, Grab PH will supposedly be implementing a tweak to their system wherein the passenger’s destination will not be immediately indicated on the Grab driver’s device. Reports indicate that the new system is set to roll out this Friday, the 27th of April.

Report: Grab PH drivers will not see passenger destinations... sort of

Reports also indicated that the updated booking system will only be applied to 25% of drivers who have maintained low acceptance rates. Also during late hours, and to care for their drivers’ safety, drivers will be given the option to (again) see the intended destination (same as how the system works now). In addition, an auto-accept feature will also be implemented – this will automatically assign new riders and destinations to drivers within the area of request. This will be fully implemented on Friday as well.

Yesterday, Grab also announced that they suspended 500 in its vow "to improve services and to take rider complaints seriously."

Pending the start of operations of the newly-licensed TNVSs, will this move by Grab help improve the reputation of the company's TNVS drivers? 

Source: ABS-CBN, CNN