In 2015, Honda revealed the 2&4 Concept, a single-seat, open air machine that combined the best attributes of a motorcycle and a four-wheeled vehicle. However, Honda has now filed a patent for a vehicle of similar styling, which leads us to suspect that the 2&4 Concept could be set for production.

The patent shows drawings of an open-air sports car with styling cues similar to that of the Project 2&4 Concept. With Project 2&4 being a concept, there are some major differences between the concept and the patent.

Report: Honda files patent on open-air vehicle similar to Project 2&4

One notable difference is the two seats seen in the patent drawing. With the addition of the passenger seat, the engine has been relocated to the rear giving it a mid-ship layout. Compared to the concept, the original engine was mounted beside the driver to give it a better weight distribution.

Speaking of weight, the patent mentions the chassis uses a new single-piece lightweight aluminum structure to increase stiffness and rigidity along with shortening manufacturing times and lowering costs. To further reduce weight, the patent says the passenger seat may be removed, and it could use a three-wheel setup.

The patent image on the supposedly production Honda 2&4

No details were mentioned regarding the powerplant of the Project 2&4 but we can assume that the same 1.0L-liter V4 engine used in the concept. This engine is supposedly more than enough for the remarkably lightweight open-air sports car.

Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office via FreePatentsOnline