In a report by Auto Express, Honda has told the British publication that they are evaluating plans to add an all-electric model of the CR-Z. The company is currently running a prototype and features technologies applied to the Pikes Peak race car.

“We are making every possible effort to make it to the market. We now have to think about the commercial aspect.” said the Honda insider.

Exterior-wise, this particular test car comes with a wider bodykit, perhaps for better aerodynamic efficiency, and a set of upsized wheels. Apart from the cosmetic changes, the prototype looks like a standard CR-Z.

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The all-electric CR-Z uses four electric motors, housed on each wheel, and a 16kwh lithium-ion battery. Honda says the total output for the prototype is at 254 PS, half of the total output in the Pikes Peak racer. Honda officials did not reveal its torque output, but the company claims the electric motors can help the prototype do 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds.

While the power rating is unofficial, the insider adds that Honda aims to make the four motors more powerful. The company is targeting around 350 PS and over 400 kilometers of battery range, if the car pushes through for production.