Honda has announced their plans to mass produce Fuel Cell Vehicles by the year 2020, according to a report by Autocar UK. Thomas Brachmann, Honda's Head for Powertrain Development said the FCV Concept, unveiled in this year's North American International Auto Show, is “very close to production”.

Honda's future FCV will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells which emit zero carbon dioxide emission and, instead, puts out water vapor through its tailpipes. Honda says the FCV concept is a late-stage concept but “We may need to revise some body parts, but it’s very close.” said Brachmann. The company also made it clear that they don't want to produce just 250-1000 units per year but instead, go over 1000 units annually.

Honda FCV rear

Honda understands the challenges they face with the changes needed in infrastructure for hydrogen filling stations. The company does believe FCV technology has its place in motoring. Brachmann cites Norway as an example saying “(Norway) was focusing on electric cars two years ago, but now they want something with a longer range”

The company claims the zero-emission car will have a range of 483 kilometers and can be refueled in five minutes like a normal car. Brachmann estimates another 10 to 15 years before FCV's widely accepted.

“This is likely unless we change the marketing strategy and also society, in which case it might be faster but we are prepared to have a wide powertrain mix over time until everyone appreciates and accepts fuel cell electric vehicles.” said Brachmann