While the concept of a hot compact crossover isn't entirely new (see: Subaru Forester XT), it hasn't stopped Hyundai from giving their Tucson a little (or a lot) more spice under the hood. Hot on the heels of the i30 N hot hatch, the Korean automaker told reporters that they will follow that up with the Tucson N.

Hyundai’s global head of sales, Byung Kwon Rhim, went as far as saying that the high-performance crossover is already in its early stages of development. More N Performance models will follow in the future, according to the executive. In addition, N Performance boss Alfred Biermann also expressed interest in making a performance-oriented Tucson late last year. With sparse details, don't expect the hot Tucson to make its debut this year.

Tucson Spied

What is more likely is the factory-tuned Tucson making its debut once the extensively facelifted model is revealed. Our spies have caught the redesigned Tucson earlier this year and the heavy camouflage on the test cars hint significantly different look. Hyundai is tight-lipped on the launch of the 2019 Tucson, but it is likely that it might just happen later this year.

So what is there to expect from the Tucson N? It is possible that it might get the same 2.0-liter turbocharged mill from the i30 N Performance. In that tune, it makes up to 275 PS in higher-spec models with standard variants starting at 250 PS. All-wheel drive may be included in the Tucson. Of course, expect Nurburgring-honed suspension, larger brakes and tweaked steering.

Source: AutoExpress