The South Korean automaker’s new N Performance division is set to expand their lineup by following their hopped-up i30 N with two more N models.

With the first model slated for arrival after the i30 N’s release in late 2017, Hyundai’s division head Albert Biermann states that these succeeding N models are targeted at clients from US and China.

While we have yet to have word on what vehicles the next N models will be based on, perhaps it’s safe to say that they will make use of a 2.0L inline-four turbo much like that planned on the i30 N. Estimated at roughly 250 PS, the powertrain is currently being tested on an i30 racecar and will likely find its way into future Hyundai models. Having been questioned regarding work on a performance SUV in the future, Biermann seemed to hint that the succeeding N models would not come in that shape.

“We have SUVs that are almost crying out, ‘make me go faster!’ But we are not focusing there yet,” Biermann told Car and Driver. “It’s all about the driving fun to start and, of course, the hatches, the sedans, and the coupes have a better basis for this.”

Serving as a potential hint into the work N performance division is breathing upon the Hyundais, the RM16 N Concept - packing a 2.0L inline-four turbo mated to an electric supercharger - which was revealed at this year’s Busan Motor Show gives an idea of what we can expect in the future.

Earlier this year Hyundai’s vice chairman Woong-Chul Yang mentioned three N models were indeed being developed, including a “mini genesis” with all-wheel drive.

Source: Car and Driver