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Report: Inventor of car smart chargers hired by Apple


Astrophysicist Kurt Adelberger leaves Google for Apple

More than a year after the first report came in about Apple making tactful moves that indicated plans to develop an electric vehicle, the Cupertino-based company remains mum about the project altogether but continues to hire personnel with extensive background in the development of smart/electric vehicles.

The most recent move involved the hiring of an astrophysicist who patented the invention of a car smart charger while working for Google.

Kurt Adelberger was recently hired by Apple which further fuels the rumors about its plan to manufacture a smart car under the code name Project Titan.


Adelberger’s invention is a device that acts as a charger while also sending information about the motorists’ driving habits to a remote server and gathering data regarding electricity prices during the day so that the driver can determine the best time to charge or buy electricity and how much power to purchase.

The device invented and patented by Adelberger will remain with Google of course but his move to Apple will lead to more speculation and perhaps solidify reports about the rumored Apple Car.


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