The names Plymouth and Cuda have long been gone, with the former being defunct since 2001. However, the folks at have noticed that Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has recently renewed its trademark for 'Cuda' with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on June 16. Allpar also reports that the FCA also renewed the trademark for 'Barracuda' in 2015.

Could this mean that FCA is planning to make a modern-day version of the Cuda? Before we jump to conclusion and assumptions, do note that automakers often renew their trademarks and patents in order to prevent others companies from using the name. However, the current generation Dodge Challenger is said to be already nearing end of production after 10 years of production.

Meanwhile, MotorAuthority mentions there are speculations that two models will succeed the current Challenger. One is said to be a direct replacement as the next-generation Challenger. The other being a slightly smaller, convertible vehicle supposedly the Dodge-badged Barracuda. The speculations date back to 2015 where a report mentions that FCA dealers were shown images of a Dodge Barracuda convertible. This report also stirs up the possibility of reviving Plymouth but, at the moment, it is unlikely as FCA has not renewed the patent for the defunct brand.

With nothing official just yet, we suggest you take some of the assumptions with a grain of salt as nothing is certain at the moment. Whatever the outcome of this renewed trademark, do expect that the next-generation Dodge vehicles will be using the new Giorgio platform developed by Alfa Romeo. That said, the new platform could also be used to develop the next-generation Barracuda.

Source: via MotorAuthority