With manufacturers gradually shifting to electric vehicles, it seems as though even automakers such as Pagani are not immune to the change. Since the company started back in the '90s, Pagani has always been known for producing V12 powered hypercars. However that may soon change, report says that Pagani's first electric vehicle could soon be on its way together with a Huayra successor.

The report came about after CEO Horacio Pagani had an interview with elTresTV. During the interview, Pagani confirmed production of the brand's first ever EV as well as the Huayra's successor, given that the hypercar has been in the market since 2012.

Beginning with the still unnamed Huayra successor, Pagani did not reveal much details about the vehicle. Under the hood, expect an engine similar to that of the Mercedes-AMG V12 powerunits used now. It will reportedbly be able to meet strict emissions regulations without the use of electrification. More importantly however, the upcoming hypercar will come with a manual transmission.

Together with the Huayra's successor, Pagani will also be introducing their first fully electric vehicle. It will be their fourth model together with the Huayra successor. For now, no details about the EV have been revealed aside from the project currently being worked on by a team of 20 people. However, it is expected that the electric hypercar will go up against the likes of Rimac and other EVs.

It will still be a few years before we get a preview of both these vehicles. It is expected that both models will be introduced at the same time unlike how Pagani usually offers one model only. For now expect Pagani to conintually roll more one-off and unique variants of the Huayra.

Source: Autodato