Jaguar-Land Rover (JLR) is turning to active aerodynamics to further boost the fuel economy of their vehicles. In a new development, the British automaker has filed a patent for a 'vehicle aerodynamic apparatus' which uses vanes to enhance airflow around a vehicle. The automaker also has patent sketches as to how their active aero works.

The JLR active aero patent consists of four moveable panels with a pair on the front bumper and two more on the side sills. On the bumper, these aerodynamic vanes pare are found on each corner which remain flush with the panel when not in use. When in use, the panel moves to readjust the airflow around the car.

Report: Jaguar-Land Rover patents active aero panels for cars and SUVs

Meanwhile, the patent's side sills have been designed to channel airflow to the vehicle's rear diffuser. Besides being an aerodynamic aid, the retractable side sills can also serve as the vehicle's running boards. The patent also stated active aero for the rear of the car. Similar to the ones found at the front, the panel deploys near the rear tires. All in all, JLR's aim is to reduce drag and, therefore, improve aerodynamic efficiency.

While it may take some time for this idea to reach production, it is possible that this new piece of technology will trickle down to other models in the JLR range.