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Report: Jaguar Land Rover won't make autonomous cars


Drivers must be responsible while on the road

While other car manufacturers are gunning for autonomous cars, Jaguar Land Rover's (JLR) R&D chief Wolfgang Epple announced that the company will never make a driverless vehicle.

Speaking to journalists at an event held at the JLR's research and development center in central UK, Epple said that the company will never make an autonomous car because they don't consider humans as cargo.

“We don't consider customers cargo. We don't want to build a robot that delivers the cargo from A to B,” said Epple.


Epple adds that the driver must be the one responsible for making the decisions while on the road. On the other hand, JLR's R&D chief supports autonomous features that assist drivers without taking full control such as controlling the car through a remote as it steer into tight parking space.

Previously, JLR revealed a remote-controlled Range Rover Sport that will allow the driver to step out and control the vehicle’s steering, accelerator and brakes as well as changing from high and low range by simply using a smartphone app.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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