Jaguar may soon be selling their own all-electric luxury vehicle after company design director Ian Callum dropped several hints during the 2016 New York International Auto Show.

Speaking with Autoguide, Callum confirmed that the brand will indeed be revealing something 'new'. He said that it won't be driven by a gasoline engine and will instead be driven by something different. Callum jokingly ended his statement by saying that the upcoming model will run on just 'a couple of hamsters'.

The Jaguar F-Type

Apart from Callum's confirmation of a new car, Jaguar also reportedly patented new trademarks like the I-Pace and I-Type monikers earlier last month. The new names could mean that Jaguar is working on an F-Pace and F-Type that will solely run on electricity.

It is highly likely that Jaguar's supposedly new electric car may be revealed in 2017.

Note: Pictured above are Jaguar's F-Pace and F-Type models