According to reports from Car and Driver, Jeep has trademarked the name Trackhawk and will be used for the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Jeep is currently using the name Trailhawk for its off-road rated models meaning the Trackhawk moniker will most likely be used for its performance variant.

With the name Trackhark trademarked, it will most likely replace the SRT name currently on the high performance variant on the current Jeep Grand Cherokee. The 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee is expected to receive the familiar HEMI V8 in the current Grand Cherokee SRT-8. The engine puts out 482 PS and 637 Nm from its 6.4 liter V8.

Reports also say that the Hellcat motor will be an option for the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. The supercharged 6.2 liter HEMI V8 produces 716 PS and and 880 Nm of torque but the report says the engineers are currently facing a difficult time mating the power and torque to the engine to the all wheel drive system. Reports suggest that its power output may be trimmed down for the all wheel drive system to cope with the torque.