The 'hypercar' maker from Sweden is apparently thinking of making normal cars in the future according to company founder and owner Christian von Koenigsegg.

Speaking to Car Throttle, von Koenigsegg stated that their technology can one day be used in powering everyday runarounds.

"Within our company there could be room to start utilizing all the technological developments we have created, and trickle them down into more normal cars," said von Koenigsegg.

However, instead of being branded as Koenigsegg, the company founder is thinking of making them under a sub-brand. He stated that any Koenigsegg model should be kept in the 'rarified area' as these types of automobiles will keep on pushing the limits.

In addition, collaboration with another automaker can make it possible in making and manufacturing the planned vehicles.

Koenigsegg added that the next technological aspects will be developing lighter hybrid systems and batteries; though continuous development and redesigning of the internal combustion engine is still regarded as the best opportunity in making big changes in the automotive world.

Source: Car Throttle