Lamborghini has always been synonymous with having V10 and V12 engines. Throughout their history, the Italian supercar maker has relied on these large, powerful engines as the powerplant of their supercars. It comes to no surprise then that the company made it clear in an interview that they are not ready to give up these engines just yet.

In an interview with Autocar UK, the Lamborghini R&D boss Maurizio Reggiani said that the V10 and V12 engines found in the Huracan and the Aventador will be here to stay for as long as possible. This is contrary to other manufacturers who have already shifted to either turbocharged engines or hybrid power.

"My dream is to maintain the naturally aspirated engine for as long as possible. It is a sense of emotion in a super-sports car,” said Reggiani speaking to Autocar UK.

The Italian supercar maker is now one of few supercar makers left that have resisted the use of turbochargers or hybrid technology. However, the first turbocharged Lamborghini will soon be introduced in the form of the Urus SUV, slated for a world premiere this coming December. As for their supercars, it is likely the Huracan and Aventador could stay naturally aspirated for awhile longer.

Despite wanting to stick to their heritage, Reggiani also says that Lamborghini can't resist not using turbochargers or hybrid-electric technology forever on their supercars. A plug-in hybrid version of the Urus will first debut in 2020 before the supercars ever receive the technology years after.

“The packaging of the batteries and the weight is less strategic than on a super-sports car. We start with the Urus and then our dream of light weight [for hybrid technology in super-sports cars] can be ready, Regianni added.

With electrification already the direction of most manufacturers and looming emissions regulations, it won't be long until these large, naturally aspirated are also forgotten. For now at least, Lamborghini's V10 and V12 engines could stay for awhile longer.

Source: Autocar UK