By end of the year, Lamborghini will be launching their all-new SUV, the Urus. The Urus will mark the Italian automaker's first SUV since the LM002 was introduced back in 1986. After the SUV's launch however, Lamborghini could also introduce a fourth model line in the form of four-door, four-seat model in order to futher boost sales and have a sustainable growth.

Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali has a long been thinking of ways to further boost sales for the Italian manufacturer. Apart from the Urus, Autocar UK reports that work on a fourth model line has already begun, and is said to bring Lamborghini more sustainable growth in the future. The upcoming coming model is understood to be a front-engined, four door four seat model, which will be launched around 2021.

“We must be humble. The Urus is only at the pre-production phase and, while the goal is to double sales volumes over a few years, we have yet to earn that accolade. But of course we should always be looking to grow. If we can take this first step with Urus – a huge step – then there are possibilities,” said, Federico Foschini, Lamborghini’s commercial director.

Report: Lamborghini mulls new front engine, four-door model

Do remember that Lamborghini has already released a four-door, four seat sedan previously in the form of the Estoque concept back in 2008. It was however axed in favor of the Urus due to the global economic crisis and the rise of global SUV sales at the time. Knowing how Lamborghini takes to hertiage with their future designs, it is likely the reported fourth upcoming model will take inspiration from the Estoque.

Apart from boosting sales, a four-door four seat model is also seen by some to bridge the gap between the Urus and Lamborghini's two supercars. Given how the Urus uses the same platform as the Audi Q7 and Bentley Bentayga, it is also possible the upcoming fourth-model line will also share platforms from other manufacturers under the same group. For now however, all is still speculation with Lamborghini's possible fourth coming model line, with the Italian supercar maker have yet to release any information.

Source: Autocar UK