Lamborghini will apparently stick with tradition for the time being as Automobili Lamborghini President & CEO Stephan Winkelmann stated that naturally aspirated engines will still be used by the company in powering their super sport coupes.

“Naturally aspirated engines are still the best engines which are on the market for super sports cars, in terms of acceleration, in terms of sound. And unless there is something better, we are going to keep them,” said Winkelmann.

Although the application of turbochargers in Lamborghini engines may soon become the norm as Winkelmann also stated that they are also looking for alternatives and better ways in producing horsepower from their engines.

The Lamborghini Urus

“There will maybe a day when we are introducing turbos, when the turbos are equalizing or being better than naturally aspirated engines,” added Winkelmann.

As for the upcoming Urus crossover, it might get a unique engine since Winkelmann said that an SUV's engine stroke differs from the ones used in supercars. Winkelmann added that they could be adapted or made to work but for the meantime, supercar engines will not be suitable for the Urus.

Source: AutoBlog