The ultra-luxury SUV market is slowly, but surely, growing. Bentley has their Bentayga while Rolls-Royce is busy preparing the Cullinan. Now, it appears that Land Rover also wants a slice of that segment.

Speaking to Automotive News Europe, Land Rover Design Director Gerry McGovern said he wants to expand the Range Rover line. He also mentioned that the brand is open to the idea of a model that will sit above the Range Rover. McGovern specifically mentioned the Bentley Bentayga as a possible competitor. The design chief added that Range Rover lineup itself has a wide price range and it's not far off from 'Bentayga country'.

Should Land Rover push through with this plan, McGovern is confident that the brand can make a significant impact in the segment. When it comes to building plush off-roaders, he says that the brand has the edge. Using the Bentayga as an example, McGovern says Bentley does not have the pedigree in that segment whereas Land Rover has, in his words, “unquestionable pedigree”.

Land Rover is currently expanding expanding the Range Rover line to cater to a wider audience and market. It starts with the Evoque, followed by the Velar, Sport and the original, full-sized model. The four models differ in size and, according to McGovern, each offer their own personalities. These models are offer more equipment and luxuries compared to the standard Land Rover models such as the Discovery Sport and the recently revealed Discovery.