Lexus' full-size SUVs, the GX and the LX may soon face an uncertain future as tightening vehicle and fuel regulations may put both nameplates in a sudden change of product planning.

According to a report on AutoBlog, Lexus Executive Vice President Mark Templin revealed that while the new NX and the next-generation RX are doing well in the compact and midsize crossover segments, the traditional body-on-frame nameplates are in danger of having to be changed due to more stringent regulations that concern fuel and emission standards.

The Lexus LX

With this, the company is still unclear on how will they tackle such a problem as the LX is one of their best selling models in Saudi Arabia and in the Middle East while the GX has been a great competitor in the USA according to Templin.

“We do very well with those products in the United States – GX has been a great product for us in the US for the last couple of years since its initial introduction. But the future of those vehicles longer term is in doubt because of regulations that are being driven by governments all over the world,” added Templin.

There are no plans to axe the LX and GX from production.

Source: AutoBlog