Following its premiere at last year's Paris Motor Show, it has been reported that the Lexus UX will make it to production. Once produced, the UX will slot below the NX and will compete against the likes of the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class and the upcoming BMW X2.

In an interview with Motoring magazine, Yoshihiro Sawa, managing officer for Lexus, said “Please expect the UX, it’s not so far away”. If it is true, it hints that Lexus has been developing the crossover for quite some time now and the concept served as a preview for the road-going version.

Report: Lexus UX green-lit for production

According to Sawa, while the brand has a lot of loyal customers, the said clients also get older. With the UX, Lexus aims to bring down the median age of their new customers. With the concept that features an aggressive design, Sawa believes that they can lure in younger buyers into the showroom and build brand loyalty from there. Sawa added that the UX is aimed at the younger car buyer who aspire to models such as the CT hybrid hatchback and IS sport sedan.

As a concept, the UX has a radical, coupe-like body with Lexus' latest interpretation of the “L-Finesse” design philosophy. Extended fender flares complement the character lines throughout the side and it also gets a panoramic glass roof. Also present on the UX concept are the L-shaped taillights, dual exhaust pipes and oversized low-profile alloy wheels. The concept was penned at ED2, Lexus' design center located at the South of France.

Report: Lexus UX green-lit for production

Inside, the UX Concept featured 3-D Human Machine Interface (HMI). 3-D HMI consists of a transparent globe, floating like a hologram, while the center console also sports a hologram-style display of the climate control and infotainment system. According to Lexus, 3-D HMI gives a highly three-dimensional feel of the instrumentation projecting data on the instrumentation panel further away and under the cowl. The automaker states a major benefit to this layout is a clearer view of the road ahead. 3-D HMI consists of a so that the driver has a clear view of what’s ahead. It is possible that a toned-down variation of this concept may reach production.