Maserati will soon be joining the list of manufacturers whose model line up will have some sort of electrification. Beginning 2019, the Italian automaker says that all Maserati models will use an electric drive, with the first new electrified Maserati predicted to arrive in 2020.

The decision to go the electric route is in par with Fiat-Chrysler Automobile's (FCA) new electric plan. In fact, it was FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne who announced the news of Maserati's agenda to push through during a conference call with investors and participating journalists. Since FCA has been a bit late to adopt electric powertrains, the group will use Maserati to lead the way for the company's electrified future.

To start the charge, certain Maserati models will come with an electric system starting 2019. However, Maserati will only begin focusing on electrification once development of their two new models have been completed. Given that, do expect the Italian automaker to unveil two new models in the not-so-distant future. The two new vehicles will either add to Maserati's current model line up or replace the already aging GranTurismo.

Only in 2020 will Maserati release a fully-electric zero emmisions model, which will be based off the Alfieri concept. Before then, expect Maserati vehicles to use some sort of hybrid system.

Despite being part of FCA's plan process into electrification, Marchionne will not be leading theg group's electric charge. He will be retiring at the end of 2019. 

Source: Automotive News