Mazda appears to be keen on extending its crossover lineup after company CEO Masamichi Kogai stated to Automotive News that the Koeru concept may be heading for the factory floor.

According to Kogai, the Koeru concept is not related to any existing crossover Mazda currently sells.

“It's a totally new car. It's a lower, sporty SUV. It's close to a wagon. The CX-9 rides higher. So does the CX-3 and CX-5. The Koeru aims to generate more driving pleasure,” said Kogai.

Moreover, the Mazda CEO even likened the Koeru concept to the Subaru Outback, stating that he is curious of how that kind of vehicle will be evaluated globally. So far, the company is collecting customer input about the Koeru concept before they plan on making a production variant of it.

Rear quarter view of the Mazda Koeru concept

If the concept car does become a production car, Kogai says it might slot beside the CX-5 as a sporty alternative.

First revealed by the company during this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, the Koeru concept was described by Mazda as a new generation crossover that goes beyond traditional styling. The name itself means 'exceed' in Japanese and features a wide array of muscular arches, sleek character lines and a SkyActiv powertrain.

Dimension-wise, it measures 4,600mm long, 1,900mm wide, 1,500mm tall and has a 2,700mm wheelbase (similar to the Mazda3 and CX-5's wheelbase).

The Subaru Outback, on the other hand, measures 4,815mm long, 1,840mm wide, 1,675mm tall and has a slightly longer wheelbase of 2,745mm.

Source: Automotive News