Mazda's CEO, Masamichi Kogai recently announced that the company does not have any plans to revive the RX sports car and will instead focus on refining the SkyActiv technology they currently use on their current cars.

According to Automotive News, the move made by the company's CEO accentuates the still fragile state of Mazda after redesigning their cars in using SkyActiv technology along with their design philosophy called 'Kodo – Soul Motion'. Kogai also emphasized that Mazda wants to keep their vehicle lineup competitive and states that their limited resources are all allocated in improving the SkyActiv technology.

“It's difficult for us at present to further expand our lineup, the company is still in the process of improving its financial structure. We want to focus our limited resources on the Skyactiv products that we have today,” Kogai said.

Kogai added that the inclusion of another car segment will reduce the resources that they have already set up for each car, which according to the CEO will not allow them to create truly good products. Quality sales is what Kogai is after, not just a high sales figure.

Discipline will be the key factor as the RX nameplate has been considered too flashy or too costly for the company today as Kogai is favoring for a more core-focused lineup of vehicles.

The last of the rotary-powered Mazda cars was the RX-8. The model was discontinued a few years ago because of low sales.