Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) is reportedly in talks with with Nissan Motor Company (NMC) for a new midsize sedan that will succeed the Galant.

While no exact details have surfaced, Automotive News reported that Nissan Motor Co. (NMC) began talks with MMC after plans with Nissan's Alliance Partner Renault fell through. Besides the need for a new midsize sedan, MMC is also seeking to introduce the all-new Lancer as the current generation is already getting old.

Mitsubishi has been selling a Nissan Fuga based premium sedan called the Proudia in Japan since 2012, while a Nissan NV200 based Delica D:3 is also being marketed under the NMKV Inc. agreement between the two companies signed in 2011.

The current generation Mitsubishi Lancer

A Mitsubishi spokesperson told Automotive News that plans of replacing the Galant are put on indefinite hold but efforts on producing the successor to the Lancer is underway. They added that Mitsubishi may end up wholly developing the Lancer's successor but the company is still looking for a partner that can shoulder R&D and production costs.

The spokesperson also denied nor confirmed that MMC is currently in talks with NMC.

Source: Automotive News