During the 2017 Frankfurt International Autoshow, Land Rover introduced a more dedicated off-road variant of the Discovery, badged as the SVX. Said to be a preview of their ultimate all-terrain Discovery, the SVX came with a more powerful engine and improved off-road capabilities to be able to tackle the toughest terrains. Now, Land Rover is considering to applythe SVX badge and treatment to other models, and possibly even to Jaguar vehicles.

Speaking to Autocar UK, Land Rover design boss Gerry McGovern says that the SVX badge was appropriate on the Discovery, but other models such as the Defender could also benefit from it. He did add however, it was less appropriate on the Range Rover.

Meanwhile, Jaguar design director Ian Callum said that the SVX badge could make its way on a Jaguar as well. If so, it is likely to be applied on the F-Pace, E-Pace and upcoming I-Pace as other Jaguar models are no longer off-road capable.

“We don’t talk a lot about the [off-road] ability of our cars because they’re road-biased. But they could have that capability as we have the tech in the group. I see the opportunity – if Land Rover can do SVR, we can do SVX,” Callum told Autocar UK.

As for McGovern, he believes that durability and premium feel should not be separate in creating a more extreme off-road SUV. One does need to strip down to the basics in order to have an extreme off-road vehicle. Like the Discovery SVX, it can also be done with a more premium approach in mind. Futhermore, the 'premium durability' direction would also be a direction the next-generation Defender would follow.

Despite mentioning the Defender, Jaguar-Land Rover did not mention which models would likely receive the SVX badge together with the more rugged treatment.

Source: Autocar UK