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Report: Next-gen BMW 1-Series to retain RWD platform


BMW considering to keep RWD architecture of 2018 1-Series

The new-generation BMW 1-Series may get to keep its original RWD architecture according to a BMW executive despite the recently launched 2-Series Active Tourer and Gran Tourer being FWD models.

Speaking to Motor Trend, BMW AG Board of Management member Klaus Frohlich stated that the company is still thinking whether to make the next-generation 5-door hatchback a FWD car. But according to Frohlich, the 1-Series is the sort of car that RWD enthusiasts are looking for aside from the larger 3- and 5- Series models.

"If rear drive, we would lose advantages of luggage space. But if one sort of customer wants space, he can get the 2-Series Active Tourer. The 1-Series is all about conquest sales, so it has to be a true BMW. We don't have to decide until the end of this year," said Frohlich.


There have been previous reports that the supposed 2018 BMW 1-Series will come out as a FWD car as it will be underpinned by the Mini Cooper's UKL1 platform. Currently, the 1-Series uses a RWD architecture and can be powered by various gasoline-powered or diesel-driven motors.

Source: Motor Trend

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