Almost twenty years after the release of the Honda S2000, the next generation S2000 is set for release in 2018 to commemorate Honda's 70th anniversary. With the initial release of the S660 and the NSX, it was only a matter of time before Honda would also revive the iconic S2000 where it would fit right in between the line up.

The latest news regarding the upcoming S2000 is that it would be powered by a new 2.0-liter engine that's mated to an 8-speed dual clutch automatic gear. This somewhat aligns to previous rumors which state it would be powered by the Civic Type R's 2.0L turbo engine.

The new engine however will reportedly be co-developed with Mitsubishi, and will feature an electrically driven supercharger that puts the power output of the new engine around the 320PS mark. Details regarding a manual transmission have yet to surface.

Report: Next-gen Honda S2000 may go supercharge

There is also no word if there will be a hybrid version but we previously mentioned that the new S2000 could get a hybrid option.

With the S2000 expected to be unveiled sometime in 2018 either at the Paris Auto Show or the Los Angeles Auto Show, only images of possible patents could give us speculations regarding what would the new S2000 would possibly look like. We did report, however, that Honda recently filed a patent on what looked to be a baby NSX. Called the 'ZSX', it will apparently be available in two body styles; coupe and cabriolet.

It will only be a matter of time until Honda releases a concept to showcase what the production model would be like.

Source: Motor1 and Car and Driver