Earlier this month, Jaguar introduced two new electric concepts in the form of the E-Type Zero and the Future-Type. The two concepts were revealed to showcase the British marque's commitment on electrification, together with their soon to be introduced production-model I-Pace SUV. Jaguar seems keen on their commitment towards a cleaner future as a report by Automotive News says that the F-Type's successor will also have some form of electrification

According to Jaguar design chief Ian Callum, he says that the F-Type sports car will not be discontinued. Instead, the British marque will be equipping the next-generation F-Type with a more advanced powertrain, be it hybrid or fully-electric in order to go along with their planned product line up that has embraced electrification.

Report: Next-gen Jaguar F-Type to use electric powetrain

“There are a number of people in the world who think sports cars are finished because SUVs can get around a corner as quick as a sports car can, technology being what it is. But there is something very emotional about a sports car that conveys the ultimate in the sense of performance and design,” said Callum.

Callum also says that Jaguar sports cars are not going away anytime soon, and will continue to build them in the future. He also adds that the British marque will also be creating a new range of sports cars in the future eventually.

Since its debut in 2013, the F-Type has been Jaguar's only sports car as of late since its predecessor, the E-Type, was discontinued in 1975. To keep customers interested, Jaguar has slightly retweaked is the F-Type's exterior and now offers a new four-cylinder engine option which produces 296 PS and 400 Nm of torque for the model year 2018.

Callum did not mention what kind of electric powetrain the F-Type's successor will use, leading us to speculate whether it will be a fully-electric or a hybrid.

Source: Automotive News