Nissan GT-R fans should be more than excited as the company's Chief Creative Officer Shiro Nakamura revealed that the next-generation Godzilla is reportedly coming soon.

In a report by CarAdvice, Nakamura said that the next-gen GT-R is "more than two years away." However, Nakamura adds that Nissan has yet to finalize the company's plan for the next-gen model.

The Nissan exec goes on by saying that Nissan is still "in the process of experimenting" with powertrains for the next-gen model.

Nakamura shared that before a new GT-R arrives, the company will improve the current model because they believe that it has more potential to be better.

With this, Nakamura said that the current GT-R will be fitted with minor changes which will be introduced "very soon."

A reliable source with Nissan PH has revealed to that an updated Nissan GT-R will likely debut at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. This is a likely signal as to which Nissan GT-R will be launched to the Philippine market sometime next year.