The partnership between Toyota and Mazda may also give rise to a second-generation Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ that will utilize a Mazda MX-5 platform according to a recent report by Motoring AU.

Toyota has supposedly already tested the MX-5 platform and if approved, will underpin the new-generation 86 according to Motoring AU's source.

“There is one possibility though, if Toyota was to employ the MX-5's chassis it'd be on the next-generation 86,” added the insider.

If Toyota does indeed borrow Mazda's platform, the new 86 will have a smaller and lighter RWD layout and may be powered by a compact turbocharged engine. Exact details about the rumored powerplant was not detailed though do remember that Toyota will be able to get their hands on Mazda's SkyActiv direct injection technology due to their collaboration.

Before the nameplate gets a new generation model, the 86 will first be receiving a mid-cycle update which will supposedly arrive sometime in April 2016. It will feature a restyle front and rear end along with repositioned exhaust pipes. The engine on the other hand will be boosted to 211 PS while the chassis will be stiffened up to provide better handling and rigidity.

Source: Motoring AU