Volkswagen Australia Director of Commercial Vehicles Carlos Santos had revealed that the next-generation Amarok could be built in the Asia Pacific region.

According to Santos, the Volkswagen Group is considering to manufacture the next-gen Amarok in Asia but not necessarily in Thailand. The company is eyeing the Asia Pacific region because they believe that it is the “next big growth area.”

“It’s definitely on their [Volkswagen Group] agenda. Not neccesarily Thailand, but somewhere in the Asian region, because this area — the Asian Pacific area — is one of the next big…well already is, the next big growth area,” Santos said.

As an overview, said that the Thai free trade agreement with Australia, which started in 2005, has eliminated almost all tariffs “associated with the importation of manufactured vehicles from Thailand.” In this regard, manufacturing the Amarok in Thailand would relatively reduce the cost of production.

On the other hand, Santos adds that the next-gen Amarok is expected to debut around 2020. He also said that Volkswagen Australia will “play a big role” in the development process of the next-gen Amarok due to the vehicle's positive unit sales in the continent.  

Note: Photo shown above is the 2015 Volkswagen Amarok