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Report: Nine major automakers to skip Frankfurt Motor Show


Are automakers choosing smaller events and social media over larger shows?

In just a few weeks, the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show will be opening its doors to showcase what major global automakers have in store. Unlike the previous years however, nine brands will reportedly not be making an appearance.

The report from Automotive News states that DS, Infiniti, Peugeot, Jeep, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Mitsubishi, Volvo, and Nissan will not be participating at the event. The nine brands account for 20 percent of vehicle sales in Europe.

Cost is a suspected factor in the lack of attendance as large shows, such as Frankfurt, are very expensive for automakers to attend. Automakers are reportedly having a hard time justifying the cost of the event as compared to the effect they will gain on sales.


Instead, automakers are opting to interact with buyers and potential customers through social media. In fact, anyone who has internet connection now-a-days can look at the latest models automakers have in store. Event-wise, some manufacturers are more enticed to hold their own events or join smaller ones such as the recently concluded Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Despite Frankfurt having larger foot traffic, Goodwood's social media reach is seen as far greater than that of the Frankfurt Motor Show, this was according to Goodwood Festival of Speed organizer Lord March. Furthermore, March adds that the cost of joining smaller shows such as Goodwood is almost three times cheaper than that of a major show.

It's all about the content – manufacturers are pushing out well over 1 million hours of downloaded video. There's lot of noise around what you're doing," said March.

Despite automakers opting to joining smaller shows, do expect traditional auto shows to carry on and will unlikely fade away over time.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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