With its modular platform, it is looks like the all-new Nissan Leaf will soon have a crossover counterpart. Alfonso Albaisa, Senior Vice President for Global Design of Nissan, said that a Leaf-based crossover is in the works and will be slightly smaller in size than the X-Trail. It has also been reported at that a sedan using the Leaf's underpinnings is also being considered.

Nissan is keen to expand their all-electric lineup and aim to have 20 percent of their sales going to EVs. Executives from the Japanese automaker say that the Leaf's stucture was designed to be adaptable, meaning it is more than likely to see various iterations of the said car, in different body styles. Besides the Leaf, Nissan also offers the e-NV200 as their purely electric vehicle in their home market of Japan and certain markets in Europe.

The name Terra has been floating around as the likely name of this EV crossover. However, Albaisa was quick to point out that it will not be the concept that will be shown in Tokyo. It is, however, expected to get some of the Leaf's ProPilot semi-autonomous driving features. Some of ProPilot's features include handling steering, acceleration and braking in certain conditions. Starting 2018, ProPilot will also include an autonomous lane changing feature for highway driving.

Given that it is based on the all-new Leaf, the yet to be named crossover is expected to share the same powertrain. The electric hatchback uses a 40 KwH battery pack which gives it a range of up to 400 kilometers. Power is rated at 150 PS and 320 Nm of torque although it may be possible that Nissan will tweak it for a crossover application. Another possible feature to be carried over from the Leaf is the e-Pedal which handles both accelerating and braking by simply adding or decreasing pedal pressure.

Albaisa says that the EV crossover is slated to reach production by 2019.

Source: Autocar UK