Earlier this week, there were reports that circulated wherein the Audi R8 may follow the engine downsizing trend soon. It stated that the mid-engined sports car will be getting a twin-turbo V6 in lieu of the naturally-aspirated V10. Audi executives have debunked that story by saying it's not going to happen.

Before that, there was a story of the R8 being discontinued altogether. Audi R&D Boss Peter Merten hinted that by saying “It has a long life, and it’s doing okay,” said Mertens regarding the R8. But when asked about it no longer having a successor, he replied “I would say so.” In the meantime however, the R8's future still looks bleak but there are signs of hope.

So where did the story of a V6 R8 come about? Two years ago, a leaked photo showed the product timeline showing that a six-cylinder R8 would be due by 2018. By the looks of it, the introduction of the rear-wheel drive R8 means Audi will continue injecting life into the venerable supercar. However, as corporate average fuel economy and more stringent emissions may see the end of a naturally-aspirated Audi.

With the current-generation Audi R8 only being three years old, there will still be a facelift coming its way, along with a host of more special and limited run models. It is also possible that the R8 will have the same product cycle as the Lamborghini Huracan meaning we'll see the two Volkswagen Group mid-engined sports car well into the next decade.

Source: Road and Track