It seems like supercar manufacturers are not immune from the market's shift to electrification. Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali recently confirmed to Top Gear UK that replacements for both the Aventador and the Huracan will be fitted with plug-in hybrid powertrains. Yes, battery powered, electrically assisted Lamborghini's will soon be on their way.

Now before you call blasphemy and all, there is some good news behind all of this. Maurizio Reggiani, Lamborghini's chief technical officer says that no turbochargers will be fitted on to their upcoming super sports cars. This means that Lamborghini's naturally aspirated V10 and V12 engines will continue to live on, but with the assist of hybrid power. 

“As long as I’m technical director, our super sports cars will not have a turbocharged engine. It’s about emotion. If you don’t have emotion, then you have nothing,” Reggiani told Top Gear UK.

Report: Plug-in hyrbid Lamborghinis could just be around the corner

The next problem to address with adding hybrid power would be packaging and weight. Battery packs and electric motors tend to add several kilos to a vehicle's overall weight; something you'd want to be low on a supercar. 

“The big questions are packaging and weight. Yes, this will be a silent Lamborghini, but push the accelerator and the engine will come. Silence will only last for some seconds then comes the sound,” added Reggiani.

Apart from using solid state batteries, Domenicali added that Lamborghini engineers are also considering the idea of a hyrdogen-powered supercar.

The Aventador and Huracan replacements are expected to be due in 2020 and 2022, respectively. Meanwhile, a fully-electric Lamborghini is still another eight years out.

“I don’t think that the technology for a full electric Lamborghini will be ready until 2026. Hybrids are a step towards that,” said Domenicali.

Source: Top Gear UK