Reports have come in that Porsche is currently developing a cruise control system that adapts to corners while cutting down fuel consumption. Called InnoDrive, the system is claimed to cut down real-world fuel consumption by up to 10 percent and shorten drive times by 2 percent.

According to Car and Driver, the InnoDrive system is currently under development and acts like a standard cruise control system but with more sensors to collect data in order to adapt to the corner. The InnoDrive system works by gathering data from the road and analyzes the corner radius and grade of the road. The information is then stored in the navigation system's database and from there, the car's on board computers set the speed for cruising while tacking 0.50-g corners with ease. With the brakes and the accelerator being handled by the computer, all the driver has to do is steer.

Sources say the system is currently being tested in Weissach, Germany and will come out near the end of the decade.

Source: Car and Driver