Porsche is reportedly eyeing an expansion for its crossover lineup. A report from Auto Bild magazine said that the company has plans for a third crossover.

Porsche currently builds the Macan and Cayene crossovers, with the former competing in the mid-size segment, while the latter competes in the large segment. According to the source, the planned third crossover will slot below the Macan.

This being classified as a compact, the yet to be named crossover will likely be based on an existing Volkswagen platform. At the moment, it would appear that the 2016 Tiguan will share its chassis with Porsche. The compact crossover might be released before the end of the decade with a concept model coming out in a few years.

Despite being built on the Tiguan platform, Porsche will stick to rear wheel drive for its two wheel drive models while top spec models will be available with all wheel drive. The engine will likely be from Volkswagnen Auto Group's, with an extensive range of gas and diesel engines.

At the time of writing, Porsche has yet to give an official debut date for the compact crossover

Source: Auto Bild