With all the talk towards electrification, it perhaps comes as no surprise that Porsche will be dropping diesel engines from their line-up in the coming years. In fact, Porsche has dropped the said powertrain option from their range with the discontinuation of the Panamera 4S Diesel and Macan diesel.

So what is Porsche's reasoning for ditching diesels? A spokesperson from the brand told Autocar UK that they are following the 'cultural shift' of their customers. Porsche also said that demand for diesel-powered vehicles from their stable are not in high demand, adding 'diesel is not so important for Porsche'. According to them, more people bought hybrid Porsches over diesel-fed ones.

Furthermore, the German automaker has halted all research and development for diesel engines late last year. Instead, they will focus more on their hybrid and full electric powertrains in years to come. They did, however, say that they are not abandoning diesels for good but did not elaborate whether or not they will reconsider reversing that decision.

Porsche first offered diesel engines in their cars back in 2009 with the facelifted, first-generation Cayenne. It eventually spread to the first-generation Panamera and, eventually, the Macan. Their diesel engines were Volkswagen Auto Group derived units which consisted of the 3.0 TDI and, exclusive to the Cayenne at the time, a 4.2 TDI.

As for their electric plans, the production version of the Mission E will likely be revealed sometime this year as a 2019 model. Porsche is also considering adding another electric vehicle once the Mission E is in full production with reports speculating to be an EV crossover. However, it is unlikely that the latter will be launched within this decade.

Source: Autocar UK