For most Porsche enthusiasts, the most 'purist' 911 that can be had as of late is the 911 R. However, the 911 R was strictly limited to 991 units, all of which has been accounted for and has nearly doubled its price since it was introduced in the market. That may soon change as Porsche is reportedly planning to build another 'purist' 911 that will be available as a regular production model.

According to Autocar UK, Porsche R&D boss Michael Steiner said during the 2019 Cayenne launch that the German automaker sees potential for more purist and stripped down versions of Porsche sports cars without the limited production numbers. This allows for one to have a 911 that is more focused on driving pleasure than purely on top speed or fast lap times.

“What we learned is that there are more and more customers who enjoy pure, fun-to-drive sports cars. Porsche always has some limited as well as unlimited sports cars. For pure sports cars, there’s no need for limitation,” Steiner told Autocar UK

For most, this sounds as good news. No longer would one have to pay a premium that most 911 R owners demand for their special 'purist' vehicles. One could simply enjoy the 911 driving feel without having to pay exclusive price tag. However, this may not be good news for 911 R owners as they could feel their cars are no longer that exclusive.

Steiner did not confirm whether this 'purist' 911 will be added in the current generation 991.2 Porsches or in the 992. However, he did mention that the all-new simplified 911 is at least two years away. This means that the model will likely be made for the current generation before it bows out.

Source: Autocar UK