Hopes of seeing a road-going variant of the 7.0-liter V12, 807 PS Aston Martin Vulcan are moot according to Road & Track.

Recently, rumors of a road-going version of Aston Martin's track-only supercar have been going around. However, the British automaker was apparently unsure about the idea after stating that they will only make 24 examples of the Vulcan in track form.

Aston Martin Vulcan rear

As the Vulcan was engineered from the ground-up to be a track supercar, remaking it for the road would prove to be too expensive or too complicated for Aston Martin. It would supposedly be better for the company to make the Vulcan available for racing customers a-la Ferrari FXX K.

Road & Track also asked Aston Martin whether the rumors of a road-going Vulcan are true, to which the company answered with a resounding 'No'.

Aston Martin Vulcan interior

“While there has been some understandable interest in a road-legal version of the Vulcan, we have no plans for one and all our efforts now are making it the ultimate Aston track supercar,” said the company.

Source: Road & Track