Three years after the National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) acquired Saab, the company has announced they are currently in talks about setting up a factory in China. An announcement was made at the end of May regarding the location of the plant which will be in the province of Tianjin, located in southeast China.

NEVS initially tried to revive the Saab brand by releasing a short production run of the 9-3 compact executive sedan in September 2013. NEVS stopped 9-3 production in May 2014. NEVS will be trying to restart 9-3 production again once the factory has been completed. Once completed, the factory will have a projected output of about 200,000 cars annually. The 9-3 will be resurrected as an electric vehicle and but it is unknown if it will be sold with Saab branding.

Setting up the plant will cost NEVS 1.2 billion Yuan (around $193 million) and details of an extended model lineup are yet to be confirmed. To kickstart the construction of the factory and car production, NEVS established joint ventures with State Research Information Technology and Beijing Teamsun Technology Co, with the former promising to invest 1 billion yuan ($161 million) while the latter will inject 200 million yuan ($32.2 million). At the moment,it is yet unknown when the factory will be fully operational.

Source: Automotive News Europe